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June 2013


8-14-2013   Guests: Josh Graham
8-13-2013   Guests: Jeff Connors, Allen Thomas
8-12-2013   Guests: Paul Clifford
8-09-2013   Guests: Morgan Ahlers, Brian Bailey, B Paiz, Paul Clifford
8-08-2013   Guests: Tony Collins
8-07-2013   Guests: Lt. Chris Sutton
8-06-2013   Guests: (None)
8-05-2013   Guests: Joe Friday, Bianca Shoneman
8-02-2013   Guests: Steve Cotton
8-01-2013   Guests: Shelly Binegar
7-31-2013   Guests: Gary Hahn
7-30-2013   Guests: Dave Nichol
7-29-2013   Guests: Allen Thomas
7-26-2013   Guests: David Crane
7-25-2013   Guests: Wes Hines
7-24-2013   Guests: Bruce Howard
7-23-2013   Guests: Kirk Doll
7-22-2013   "Connors and Afraid", the Reality Show Promo
7-19-2013   Guests: J Batt
7-18-2013   Guests: John Cox
7-17-2013   Guests: Rick Smith
7-16-2013   Guests: Todd Graffagnini
7-15-2013   Guests: Seth Maness, Allen Thomas
7-12-2013   Guests: Chip Walters
7-11-2013   Guests: Jones Angell, Allen Thomas
7-10-2013   Guests: Jeff Connors
7-09-2013   Guests: (None)
7-08-2013   Guests: (None)
7-03-2013   Guests: Scott Moore, Billy Godwin, Joey Chestnut
7-02-2013   Guests: Ted Alexander, Dieter Kurtenbach, Mike Burnop
7-01-2013   Guests: Donnie Kirkpatrick, Lincoln Riley
6-28-2013   Guests: Joey Chestnut
6-27-2013   Guests: Allen Thomas
6-26-2013   Guests: Marc Yellock, Steve Bryant
6-25-2013   Guests: Billy Godwin
6-24-2013   Guests: Phil Steele
6-21-2013   Guests: Scott Moore
6-20-2013   Guests: Tony Collins
6-19-2013   Guests: Lincoln Riley, Lauren Steele, Allen Thomas
6-18-2013   Guests: Mike Burnop
6-17-2013   Guests: (None)
6-14-2013   Guests: Lee D
6-13-2013   Guests: Terrance Copper, Mac Hodges
6-12-2013   Guests: Donnie Kirkpatrick
6-11-2013   Guests: Dieter Kurtenbach
6-10-2013   Guests: Michael Carter
6-07-2013   Guests: Mark Packer
6-06-2013   Guests: Tony Collins
6-05-2013   Guests: Scott Wetherbee, Kristen Harbaugh
6-04-2013   Guests: Ted Alexander
6-03-2013   Guests: Heather Macy, Stacy Gaskins, Chad Thompson

8-14-2013   Guests:Reese Wiggins, Josh Graham
8-13-2013   Guests: Stephen Igoe
8-12-2013   Guests: Michael Dobson, Thomas Parker, Brian Bailey
8-09-2013   Guests: Brian Haines, Justin Dixon
8-08-2013   Guests: Tom Sorensen, B Paiz
8-07-2013   Guests: Phillip Henry, Kevin Gidrey
8-06-2013   Guests: Stephen Igoe
8-05-2013   Guests: 2013 Sports Bar Fantasy Football Draft
8-02-2013   Guests: Brian Haines, Don Jaworski
8-01-2013   Guests: Brian Bailey, Stephen Igoe, Chad Parsons
7-31-2013   Guests: Phillip Henry, Pierre Bell, Scotty Robinson
7-30-2013   Guests: Stephen Igoe
7-29-2013   Guests: Jason Mills, Rob Maloney, Tony Castleberry
7-26-2013   Guests: Kevin Jones, d-Rx
7-25-2013   Guests: George Barrett, Thomas Parker
7-24-2013   Guests: Phillip Henry, Josh Coffman
7-23-2013   Guests: Stephen Igoe
7-22-2013   Guests: B Paiz, Tony Castleberry, Brian Bailey
7-19-2013   Guests: Shirley Rhodes, Nate Summers
7-18-2013   Guests: Phillip Henry, Rob Kass
7-17-2013   Guests: David Selig, Billy Weaver

8-12-2013   Guests: Shelly Binegar
5-20-2013   Guests: Scott Wetherbee
5-13-2013   Guests: Trent Britt
5-06-2013   Guests: Bill Johnson


8-12-2013   Guests: John Castleberry, Bruce Rader
5-20-2013   Guests: Greg Sisk, Austin Homan, Wayne Deans, Jason Mills
5-13-2013   Guests: Gary Overton
5-06-2013   Guests: Bobby Wilder, Ben Sanderson, Buck Roggeman

8-13-2013   Brian Bailey, Billy Weaver
5-21-2013   Brian Bailey, Billy Weaver
5-14-2013   Brian Bailey, Billy Weaver
5-07-2013   Brian Bailey, Billy Weaver

5-22-2013   Guests: Dan Rozel, George South, Howard McCullough
5-15-2013   Guests: Terry Rooney, Clayton McCullough, Bruce Howard
5-08-2013   Guests: Kurt Craft, Jeff Waggoner, Ed Watkins
5-01-2013   Guests: Scott Berry, Don Fish, Mike Minter

7-31-2013   Guests: Jimmy Stallings
7-24-2013   Guests: Jimmy Stallings, Bob Wagner
7-17-2013   Guests: Jimmy Stallings, Gary Barrett, Scott Lascallette
7-10-2013   Guests: Jimmy Stallings
6-26-2013   Guests: Charles Rogers, Jim Hardison
6-19-2013   Guests: Jimmy Stallings, Ramona Gee
6-12-2013   Guests: Jimmy Stallings
6-05-2013   Guests: Jimmy Stallings, Jim Hardison

5-23-2013   Guests: Scott Harley, Marc Yellock, Brandon Simmons, Stephen Igoe
5-09-2013   Guests: Clayton Driver, Charles Boothe
5-02-2013   Guests: Scott Harley


8-10-2012   Interview with Dion Johnson
5-11-2012   Interview with Charles Bloom
5-04-2012   Interview with Brian Bailey
4-27-2012   Interview with Jerry Dillon
4-20-2012   Interview with Jeff Connors
4-13-2012   Interview with Luke Fisher visiting Pirate Radio while on a visit to Greenville
3-30-2012   Interview with Matt Maloney and Dennis Young
3-23-2012   Interview with Carlester Crumpler, Jr.
3-09-2012   Interview with Marc Washington
3-02-2012   Interview with Ken Burnette
2-24-2012   Interview with Steve Shankweiler
2-17-2012   Interview with Clayton Driver
2-10-2012   Interview with Bill Lewis
2-03-2012   Interview with Hunter Gallimore
1-27-2012   Interview with Luke Fisher
1-20-2012   Interview with Jeff Blake
1-18-2012   Interview with Jeff Charles
1-13-2012   Interview with Robert Jones


11-19-2012  Marshall Press Conference
11-12-2012  Tulane Press Conference
10-29-2012  Houston Press Conference
10-22-2012  Navy Press Conference
10-15-2012  UAB Press Conference
10-08-2012  Memphis Press Conference
10-01-2012  UCF Press Conference
09-24-2012  UTEP Press Conference
09-17-2012  North Carolina Press Conference
09-10-2012  Southern Miss Press Conference
09-03-2012  South Carolina Press Conference
08-27-2012  Appalachian State Press Conference

12-22-12  New Orleans Bowl
11-23-12  Marshall
11-17-12  Tulane
11-03-12  Houston
10-27-12  Navy
10-20-12  UAB
10-13-12  Memphis
10-04-12  UCF
09-29-12  UTEP
09-22-12  North Carolina
09-15-12  Southern Miss
09-08-12  South Carolina
09-01-12  Appalachian State

10-12-2012  Media Day Press Conference

2-19-13 Chancellor Holden leaves UNC, Troy D does it again with another Dramatic Reading
9-17-12 Chancellor Holden Thorp's resignation inspired Troy D to do some Dramatic Readings about "The Carolina Way"
6-07-12 Troy D read  letters in the "Bless Your Heart" section of The Daily Reflector from Brook Valley Country Club members
5-30-12 Troy D read a letter in the "Bless Your Heart" section of The Daily Reflector about the Brook Valley Conuntry Club
8-02-11 More emails sent to Chancellor Thorp at UNC - Part II with BONUS Dramatic Reader "Touchdown" Tony Collins!
8-01-11 More emails sent to Chancellor Thorp at UNC - Part I
6-22-11 NCAA Letter to UNC
6-16-11 UNC-CH Chancellor Holden Thorp's Emails

Beating Carolina In My Mind
Jeff Lebo Time
Lebo Is Back
The Lebo Shuffle
Can't Stop Jeff Lebo
Straight Outta Carlisle
A Coach Named Lebo
The Lebo Bunch
Time Life Jeff Lebo Collection
Jeff Lebo Basketball Camp Song

Heather Macy Medley

The New NC State Fight Songs and Debbie Yow Remix


Future guest info and all archived shows are here.

05-24-2010   Guests: Terry Holland
05-17-2010   Guests: Ralph Sampson
05-10-2010   Guests: Eddie Smith
05-03-2010   Guests: Dr. Bob Rotella
04-26-2010   Guests: Calvin Hill
04-19-2010   Guests: Tammy Chitwood
04-12-2010   Guests: Linda "Jef" Glenn
04-05-2010   Guests: Rick Carlisle
03-29-2010   Guests: Jeff and Melissa Lebo
03-22-2010   Guests: Les Robinson
03-15-2010   Guests: Tom Jernstedt
03-08-2010   Guests: Jim Larranaga
03-01-2010   Guests: Ruffin and Erlene McNeill
02-22-2010   Guests: Billy Packer - Part  II
02-15-2010   Guests: Billy Packer - Part I
02-08-2010   Guests: Don Edwards
02-01-2010   Guests: Howie Long
01-25-2010   Guests: Billy Godwin
01-18-2010   Guests: Bobby Cremins
01-11-2010   Guests: Troy D and Ellerbe
01-04-2010   Guests: Best of 2009
12-21-2009   Guests: Skip Holtz
12-14-2009   Guests: Lefty Dreisell
12-07-2009   Guests: Eugene Edwards
11-30-2009   Guests: Paul Cyr
11-23-2009   Guests: Holly Garriott
11-16-2009   Guests: Tremayne Smith
11-09-2009   Guests: Katie Corbett Johnson
11-02-2009   Guests: Bill Dooley
10-26-2009   Guests: Ara Gregorian
10-19-2009   Guests: John Hallow
10-12-2009   Guests: Ashley Manning
10-05-2009   Guests: John Calipari
09-28-2009   Guests: Jean McCarthy
09-21-2009   Guests: Nancy Ballard
09-14-2009   Guests: Linda Baddour
09-07-2009   Guests: Bruce Hornsby
08-31-2009   Guests: Charlie Cobb
08-24-2009   Guests: Joey Perry
08-17-2009   Guests: Jennifer Holtz, Julie Fitch, Kelly Hudson
08-10-2009   Guests: John Grisham

03-06-2013  Press conference for ECU's new athletic director, Jeff Compher, with extended coverage
02-28-2012  Wes Hines, former Pirate Radio producer, was on Live @ Five for his second "reunion" visit and a Life Update
05-19-2011  ECU Provost Marilyn Sheerer on the penalities imposed on ECU by the NCAA after ECU's self-report
01-21-2011  Jeff Connors on his return to ECU as the new ECU Strength and Conditioning Coach, was our guest on Live @ Five
11-30-2010  Mark Packer - The Packman - on Live @ Five, talked about the future of his radio program.
11-10-2010  Debbie Yow, NC State AD, spoke at the Greater Greenville Sports Club on November 10, 2010
10-29-2010  Debbie Yow, NC State AD, speaks on the record with David Glenn about the future of the ECU-NCSU football series.
09-07-2010  ECU Press Conference about the collapse of bleachers at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium
09-02-2010  ECU AD Terry Holland was on Live @ Five just a few days before the season opener against Tulsa.
09-01-2010  Troy D and Ellerbe announce that The David Glenn Show will be on Pirate Radio and interview David Glenn
08-25-2010  ECU Head Football Coach Ruffin McNeill was on Live @ Five to talk about his favorite subject, and ours!
08-24-2010  ECU chancellor Dr. Steve Ballard's annual back-to-classes summer visit with Pirate Radio on Live @ Five
08-02-2010  U.S. Representative Walter B. Jones, Jr., from the 3rd District of NC, was our guest on Live @ Five
07-28-2010  Head coach Ruffin McNeill on the resignation of assistant coach Mark Nelson
07-14-2010  Mike Golden, Strength and Conditioning Coach at ECU, was getting everyone pumped up on Live @ Five
07-13-2010  Richard Shea of Major League Eating on the arrest of Kobayashi at Noathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
07-02-2010  Best of Live @ Five - midyear 2010
06-30-2010  Hunter Clark, captain of "First Down Pirates" was on Live at Five to talk about the Big Rock Blue Marlin disqualification
06-28-2010  Richard Shea, president of Major League Eating, was on Live @ Five just before Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
06-25-2010  Dr. Richard R. Eakin, former chancellor of East Carolina University, was our guest on LIve @ Five
05-21-2010  Troy D turns the tables on the latest telemarketer to call Pirate Radio
05-12-2010  Matt Dodge, former Pirate punter and now a New York Giants punter, was on the Live @ Five Live Line
05-05-2010  Jeff Lebo, the head coach of the ECU Men's Basketball team, made his first appearance on Live @ Five
05-03-2010  Kevin Williams, the coach of the ECU Women's Golf team, was on Live @ Five during tournament week at Ironwood
04-30-2010  Pirate Radio produced this "Tribute To Wes Moore" upon his departure after a very short stay at ECU
04-30-2010  Heather Macy, the new coach for the Lady Pirates basketball team, was on Live @ Five
04-27-2010  Wes Moore is presented to the local media by Terry Holland as he becomes the new Women's Basketball coach
04-27-2010  Wes Moore talks with Troy D and Ellerbe at his first ECU press conference
04-26-2010  Coach Ruffin McNeill was on Live @ Five for the entire hour with a Spring Ball wrap-up
04-20-2010  Another telemarketer hangs up in frustration after making the mistake of calling Troy D at the Pirate Radio studios.
04-19-2010  Coach Ruffin McNeill was on The Brian Bailey show to talk about the Pirates Purple-Gold Game
04-16-2010  Chuck Kaiton, the legendary voice of the Carolina Hurricanes for 31 years, was our guest on Live @ Five
04-14-2010  Lee D, Troy D's dad, made his first-ever "live in the studio" appearance on Live @ Five!
03-26-2010  Mike Super, master magician and illusionist, was on Live @ Five and controlled the minds of Troy D and Brian Bailey!
03-23-2010  Terry Holland, ECU's AD, spoke with Pirate Radio after the first press conference of new coach Jeff Lebo
03-23-2010  Jeff Lebo had a one-on-one with Troy Dreyfus after his first press conference at ECU as head caoch
03-23-2010  Jeff Lebo held his first press conference as ECU's Men's Basketball Head Coach on March 23, 2010
03-22-2010  Jeff Shearer, NBC 12 WSFA Sports Dir., was on Live @ Five to talk about Jeff Lebo when he was at Auburn
03-22-2010  Coach Ruffin McNeill's Spring Practice Press Conference at ECU - recorded March 22, 2010
03-18-2010  Coach Ruffin McNeill paid his first visit to Live @ Five and took phone calls from our listners
03-06-2010  Steve Mesler, Olympic Gold Medal winner in the four-man bobsled, spoke with Troy D in Atlanta - March 6, 2010
03-03-2010  Brian Mitchell, the new Defensive Coordinator at ECU, was on Live @ Five
03-02-2010  Bethany Bradsher, author of Coaching Third: The Keith LeClair Story, was on Live @ Five
02-26-2010  John Wiley, Associate Head Coach and Linebackers Coach, was on Live @ Five
02-25-2010  Mark Nelson, Defensive Ends Coach/Special Teams, was on Live @ Five
02-24-2010  Dennis Simmons, the new Outside Receivers coach, was on Live @ Five
02-23-2010  Brandon Jones, the new Offensive Line coach, was on Live @ Five
02-19-2010  Marc Yellock, ECU '00, the new Defensive Tackles coach, was on Live @ Five
02-18-2010  Donnie Kirkpatrick, ECU Inside Receivers Coach / Recruiting Coordinator, was on Live @ Five
02-17-2010  Clay McGuire, Texas Tech '04, the new ECU Running Backs Coach was on Live @ Five
02-16-2010  As the new ECU Offensive Coordinator, Lincoln Riley's first broadcast media interview was on Live @ Five
02-03-2010  ECU Head Coach Ruffin McNeill's interview with Troy D and Ellerbe on National Signing Day
02-03-2010  ECU Head Coach Ruffin McNeill's National Signing Day press conference - February 3, 2010
01-22-2010  ECU Head Coach Ruffin McNeill's first press conference
01-15-2010  Terry Holland, ECU AD, comments to the press on the departure of Skip Holtz as head coach of the Pirates
01-14-2010  Skip Holtz's final remarks to the press upon leaving Greenville for his new USF coaching job
01-07-2010  Mack McCarthy, ECU Men's Basketball Head Coach, was our guest on Live @ Five
01-06-2010  Greg Hudson's final Greenville media appearance was on Live @ Five
01-05-2010  Skip Holtz's first media appearance after the Liberty Bowl was on Live @ Five
01-04-2010  Skip Holtz post-Liberty Bowl press conference
01-04-2010  Bobby Petrino post-Liberty Bowl press conference
12-23-2009  The Best of Live @ Five in 2009 - PART 2
12-22-2009  The Best of Live @ Five in 2009 - PART 1
11-12-2009  Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr. took listeners' calls about the latest political news on Live @ Five.
10-01-2009  Mike Hamrick, Marshall University AD and former ECU AD, was on Live @ Five
09-04-2009  Chris Johnson, running back for the Tennessee Titans, and former Pirate RB, was our guest on Live @ Five
09-02-2009  Dr. Steven Ballard, chancellor of East Carolina University, was our guest on Live @ Five
09-01-2009  Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr. held a Radio Town Hall about Health Care on Live @ Five
08-27-2009  Skip Holtz, ECU Pirates head coach, was on Live @ Five just over a week before the season opener with App State
08-25-2009  Terry Holland, ECU Director of Athletics, was on Live @ Five to talk about the state of ECU athletics
08-18-2009  Phil Steele, famous football guru who publishes Phil Steele's College Preview Magazine, was on Live @ Five
08-08-2009  Media Day 2009 at ECU - Coach Holtz's Press Conference, and our interviews with Skip Holtz and the Pirates
08-06-2009  David Jackson, play-by-play voice of the Appalachian State Mountaineers, was our guest on Live @ Five
08-04-2009  Rick Smith, ECU Assistant Head Coach and DB Coach, was our guest on Live @ Five
08-03-2009  Steve Shankweiler, ECU Offensive Coordinator and OL Coach, was our guest on Live @ Five
07-31-2009  Vernon Hargreaves, ECU DE and Special Teams Coordinator, was on Live @ Five
07-30-2009  Donnie Kirkpatrick, ECU WR and Recruiting Coordinator, was on Live @ Five
07-29-2009  Greg Hudson, ECU Defensive Coordinator, was on Live @ Five and took calls from our listeners
07-28-2009  Todd Fitch, ECU Offensive Coordinator, was on Live @ Five and took calls from our listeners
07-27-2009  Ann Holland was on Live @ Five to talk about her new weekly show on Pirate Radio 1250 & 930
07-24-2009  Mark Wharton, Executive Director of  the ECU Pirate Club, was on Live @ Five
07-22-2009  David Glenn from the ACC Sports Journa previewed the ACC football season on Live @ Five
07-17-2009  Coach Mack, Brian Bailey, Rockin' Robin Taylor and Mister T were all on Live @ Five
07-16-2009  William Anderson, Greenville's Chief of Police, on Live @ Five to discuss crime and safety issues
07-15-2009  Mike Golden, ECU Pirates Strength and Conditioning coach, took listeners' calls on Live @ Five
07-14-2009  Billy Godwin on Live @ Five talked about Nick Schnabel, ECU '00, joining the PIrate baseball staff
07-03-2009  The Best of LIve @ Five - first half of 2009. Clip Brock is your host.
07-02-2009  Richard Shea, of Major League Eating, previewed the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on "LAF"
06-30-2009  Greenville PD Cpl. Kip Gaskins and ECU spokesman John Durham on the downtown shooting
06-26-2009  Danielle Moinet, ECU grad and Chicago Bliss player in the Lingerie Football League, was on "LAF"
06-24-2009  Tony Collins, former ECU and NFL star, told us about his Celebrity Golf Tournament on Live @ Five
06-19-2009  Phil Steele, football guru and publisher of  Phil Steele's College Preview Magazine on Live @ Five
06-16-2009  Mack McCarthy, head men's basketball coach, was on Live @ Five to talk hoops and his camps
06-12-2009  Billy Godwin, head coach of the baseball Pirates, looks back on 2009, and ahead to next year
06-11-2009  Kyle Cross of Grimesland, and his dad, were on Live @ Five to talk about his Chicago Bears mural
06-03-2009  Billy Godwin, head coach of the baseball Pirates, did a full-hour call-in show on Live @ Five
05-27-2009  The baseball coaches of Binghamton, George Mason and South Carolina were on From The Booth
05-26-2009  ECU baseball head coach Billy Godwin was on Live @ Five to talk about the NCAA Regional
05-22-2009  Walter Williams, CEO of Wilco Hess LLC, Pirate alumnus and philanthropist, was on Live @ Five
05-20-2009  Kristen Dalton, Miss USA and an ECU student, was on PrimeTime with The Packman
05-18-2009  ECU baseball head coach Billy Godwin was on Live @ Five to talk about the C-USA tournament
05-12-2009  Monica Palumbo, Miss Sprint Cup and former Miss North Carolina USA was on the Press Box
05-11-2009  Blue Edwards, former ECU Pirate and NBA great, was our guest on The Locker Room
05-08-2009  Wes Hines returned to Live @ Five, on the other side of the glasss, to give us a "life update"
05-05-2009  Khalif Mitchell, former ECU football player and San Francisco 49ers free agent, was on Live @ Five
04-28-2009  Coach Skip Holtz and Coach Mack McCarthy were both on the Packman show
04-17-2009  "Mr. Big Voice", who introduces many network sports broadcasts, was on Live @ Five
04-14-2009  Greg Hudson, ECU Defensive Coordinator, was on Live @ Five to talk about the Spring Game
04-01-2009  Terry Holland, ECU Athletics Director, was on Live @ Five.
03-20-2009  ECU Student "C-BASS", who was chosen the C-USA Ultimate Fan, was on Live @ Five.
03-16-2009  Skip Holtz, ECU Pirates head football coach held his Spring Practice Press Conference (32:55)
03-11-2009  Famous N.Y. Yankees and L.A. Dodgers pitcher Tommy John was our guest on Live @ Five
03-10-2009  The Dreyfus twins Bryce and Tyler celebrated their FIRST BIRTHDAY on Live @ Five
03-06-2009  John Moore, well-known local broadcaster, was the Live @ Five Mystery Guest on March 6, 2009
02-18-2009  Dell Curry, former NBA star and father of Stephen and Seth Curry, was on "From the Booth"
02-04-2009  ECU Head Football Coach Skip Holtz interview on Live @ Five about National Signing Day
01-26-2009  ECU Head Basketball Coach Mack McCarthy was on "The Locker Room" with Clip and AT
01-22-2009  ECU Defensive Coordinator Greg Hudson  on Live @ Five talks about being a coach.
01-19-2009  ECU Defensive Coordinator Greg Hudson on "The Locker Room" after his OSU interview
01-15-2009  Pirate Radio's Tribute to "Rockin' Robin" Talyor, who is leaving ECU Marketing and Greenville
01-13-2009  Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, NBA all-time great, was our special guest on Live @ Five
12-12-2008  Beyond the Glory: Hardee's 5th Annual Thickburger Eating Competition  - A Clip Brock Special
12-09-2008  Chris Fowler, ESPN's primary college football studio host was on Live @ Five to talk about ECU
11-14-2008  Sal Paolantonio, NFL reporter on ESPN's SportsCenter, was on Live @ Five on November 14.
10-20-2008  Coach Mack McCarthy ECU Basketball Press Conference (15:22)
10-18-2008  Allen Thomas, ECU '92, host of many Pirate Radio shows, was the guest on A Pirate's Life For Me!
10-06-2008  Terry Holland with Troy D and Ellerbe on the ECU football schedule with NC State and more (5:07)
09-09-2008  Skip Holtz was on The Dan Patrick Show on Pirate Radio 1250 - Sept. 9, 2008 (7:38)
08-20-2008  Dr. Steven Ballard, chancellor of ECU, was on Live @ Five on the opening day of the fall semester
08-13-2008  Terry Holland, ECU Athletics Director, talks ECU sports with Troy D and Ellerbe on Live @ Five
08-06-2008  Ernie Harwell, voice of the Detroit Tigers for 42 years, was on From the Booth with Jeff Charles
08-02-2008  Skip Holtz's remarks and Clip Brock's interviews with the ECU football team on Media Day
07-23-2008  "Pirate Radio Combine 2008 - Beyond The Glory" - Clip Brock
07-17-2008  Mack McCarthy signed a 5-year contract as Head Men's Basketball Coach with ECU
06-11-2008  Wes Wore a Thong!
06-10-2008  "When Telemarketing Call Go Wrong" - Dave and Jeramie gang up on Troy D to make the sale!
TIMELESS  Former Greenville Mayor Les Garner sings "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
05-13-2008  Pete Van Wieren, veteran play-by-play broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves was on Live @ Five
05-07-2008  Billy Godwin, ECU Head Baseball Coach, on the ECU-Tulane series and more, on Live @ Five
04-30-2008  Park Ranger Chris Cabral tells us about Goose Creek State Park near Washington, NC
04-29-2008  "When Telemarketing Calls Go Wrong" - Yet Another Telemarketer Hangs Up On Troy D!
04-28-2008  Earnest Byner, Tenn Titans Running Backs Coach and former ECU football player on Live @ Five
04-21-2008  Terry Holland and Skip Holtz on Primetime With The Packman
04-11-2008  What Would a Lou Holtz Pep Talk for the ECU Spring Game Sound Like?
03-20-2008  ECU Head Men's Basketball Coach Mack McCarthy receives a five-year contract!
03-19-2008  Wes's Bracket Boo-Boo
02-25-2008  "When Telemarketing Calls Go Wrong" - Amanda The Telemarketer Hangs Up On Troy!
02-22-2008  "When Telemarketing Calls Go Wrong" - Leia The Telemarketer Hangs Up On Troy!
02-18-2008  "When Telemarketing Calls Go Wrong" - Troy D Turns the Tables on Allen The Telemarketer!
02-14-2008   Wes's special Valentine's Day song, courtesy of Troy D and Ellerbe
02-05-2008   WFXI/WYDO FOX General Manager Don Fisher on The Press Box
01-22-2008   Dan Patrick interview on Live @ Five (35:08)
01-16-2008   Skip Holtz interview on Live @ Five (19:01)
01-15-2008   David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars starting quarterback, is the guest on "The Press Box".
12-19-2007   2007 End of Year Montage (23:02)
12-07-2007   Hardee's 5th Annual Thickburger Eating Competition  (9:14)
11-06-2007   Pirate Radio Wiffle Ball 2007 - Part II: "The Final Chapter" (9:50)
11-01-2007   Pirate Radio Wiffle Ball 2007 - Part I: "Regular Season Co-Champions" (6:03)
10-17-2007   Skip Holtz on Mark Packer's Southern Fried Football Show (12:25)
08-23-2007   Live @ Five EXCERPT: Brian Bailey and listeners on Ricky Stokes' departure (20:06)
08-09-2007   ECU Basketball Press Conference (39:07)
08-09-2007   ECU Basketball Ricky Stokes Teleconference (16:11)
08-04-2007   ECU Media Day Pictures and Interviews with Coaches and Players
07-19-2007   Terry Holland on Live @ Five (39:32)
07-11-2007   Homer Simpson interview on Live @ Five (3:51)
07-09-2007   Joey Chestnut interview on Live @ Five (3:01)
06-29-2007   Paris Hilton interview on Live @ Five (3:49)
05-23-2007   Skip Holtz and Drew Steele on Live @ Five (30:44)
05-07-2007   Troy D's Press Conference on the day of his appearance on The Price Is Right
04-25-2007   Terry Holland and SKip Holtz on Primetime With The Packman
03-12-2007   Live @ Five interview with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole
02-06-2007   Live @ Five featuring Jeff Charles and Ivan Koloff
12-21-2006   2006 End-of-Year Montage
12-06-2006   Terry Holland on Live @ Five
09-19-2006   Skip Holtz on Primetime With The Packman - Sept. 19, 2006
05-09-2006   Terry Holland and Skip Holtz on Primtetime With The Packman
05-03-2006   Ivan Koloff on From The Booth with Jeff Charles