Pictures from Ben Gersh in Nairobi, Kenya

October 2005

Ben Gersh, with his interpreter (with the Pirate Radio Shirt)
while on Rusinga Island on Lake Victoria in Kenya.
She is of the Luo tribe, as are the
inhabitants of Rusinga Island.

David McMillan (in the PirateRadio shirt) and
Courtney Edgar (both ECU medical students)
pose for a picture with children at the CCF
(Christian Children's Fund) HQ and school on Rusinga Island.

Simon Kaboki, our guide and driver
for the entire month we were in Kenya,
showing off his new bumper sticker.

Simon and his Pirate Radio Pirate Nation sticker.

Ben Gersh and Simon Kaboki pointing
to the ECU Pirate Radio bumper sticker.
In these pictures, we were at the Nairobi Club
in the Ngong Hills of Nairobi, Kenya.
The Nairobi Club was an old English
Safari/Hunting/Gentleman's Club.