Troy D.'s Wish Comes True!
He Makes an Appearance on "The Price Is Right"

May 2007

Getting up before dawn and standing in line for hours
earned Troy D. a seat in the audience
and a chance to be on The Price Is Right!

Troy D. waves his visor to a nationwide audience!

Troy D. in his visor and ARRRRRGH! T-shirt

Troy D. pumps up the Pirate Nation

ARRRRRGH! Hello, Pirate Nation!

Troy D.'s ARRRRRGH! T-shirt
with the Pirate logo excites the Pirate Nation!

Here's the first contestant to "Come On Down!",
sitting in front of Troy D. in his ARRRRRGH! T-shirt.

Troy D. stands and cheers
on The Price Is Right, fulfilling a life-long dream!

Troy D. makes history
on one of Bob Barker's last shows!

The legendary Bob Barker, one of Troy D.'s heroes,
has retired after hosting The Price Is Right for 35 years!

The show ends with a farewell wave from Troy D.!