Troy D. and Ellerbe had complete "behind-the-scenes access"
during rehearsal in the Greenville Convention Center
of the
Moscow State Circus

July 29, 2005

"... all the very best,
and have (many) more people
come to our circus ..."

Smiles can overcome the language barrier!

AT strengthens our international relations.

With whom would YOU rather to be stranded on an island?

Jonathan has mastered the basic technique.

Troy's head will now be carefully placed on his shoulders.

Here we see demonstrated the beauty and grace that
are achievable with a lifetime of dedication to one's goal.

Here, however, Jonathan merely signals a goal.

"More bends than the Mississippi River!"

No fair bending your knee, Jonathan!

Yo-ho Yo-ho, A Pirate's Life for Us!
Strange dance from Troy and AT

We have seen the amazing and graceful feats that are possible
with years of dedication, sacrifice and practice.

And here we see Troy D. flashing back
to his recent ECU Strength and Conditioning triumph!


Moscow State Circus photos courtesy of Allen Thomas