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The Pirate Nation welcomes Tyler and Bryce Dreyfus!

Tyler Seth and Bryce Hampton Dreyfus - born March 10, 2008

Troy D and Kristen, home with the kids.

Bryce is sleepy.

Tyler is on the left, and Bryce is on the right.

This is Tyler!

Tyler on the left, and his brother Bryce, on the right

S-h-h-h-h. Don't wake them!

Say "Hello" to Tyler Dreyfus!

Say "Hello" to Bryce Dreyfus!

Uncle Stansbury visits the twins.

Liz and Jonathan Ellerbe visit the twins.

Troy D gets acquainted with his new family.

Troy D, Ellerbe, Allen Thomas and Tyler and Bryce

Tyler !

Jonathan Ellerbe and Liz visit Troy, Kristen and the twins.

Mom and Dad and the kids are doing fine!

Allen and Janet Thomas visit with the new Dreyfus twins.

Troy D and A.T.

Can you tell the twins apart yet?

Troy D, Ellerbe and Allen Thomas visit with Tyler and Bryce Dreyfus.