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Pirate Radio Hot Audio

Jeff caught up with former ECU offensive lineman Stanley Bryant, who now plays for the Winnepeg Blue Bombers, on "From The Booth".
Terrance Copper joined the guys to talk about why he broke his social media silence on "Live @ Five".
Troy D & Ellerbe talked to Brian North, who used to work with one of the Virginia shooting victims, on "Live @ Five".
Clip, Troy and Igoe talked about Kurt Benkert's season ending injury on "The Sports Bar".
Troy D & Ellerbe talked to "Touchdown" Tony Collins live from Boston on "Live @ Five".
Bailey spoke with Coach Dave Nichol about his new role as OC, his players, Coach Ruff's dance moves and more on "The Brian Bailey Show".
The guys delivered a fresh ECU Football Practice Report on "Live @ Five".
Listen to the second half of Pirate Radio's play-by-play coverage of the "DH Conley Football Game of the Week" vs SE Raleigh here.
Listen to the first half of Pirate Radio's play-by-play coverage of the "DH Conley Football Game of the Week" vs SE Raleigh here.
Morgan previewed local high school football with Paul Cornwell, Nate Conner, Brian North, Billy Weaver, Brian Bailey, and Chris Obarski on "High School Huddle".
Troy D & Ellerbe recapped the AAC's Football Media Day with Commissioner Mike Aresco on "Live @ Five".
Paiz talked ECU football with former ECU quarterback and current QB coach for the Ottawa Redblacks, Marcus Crandell on "Sports Beat".
Troy D & Ellerbe gave a new ECU Football Practice Report on "Live @ Five".
The guys talked D.H. Conley football with the interim head coach of the Vikings, Nate Conner on "Live @ Five".
Ronnie, Jordan and Clip previewed Week 1 of the Pitt County High School football season on "The Sports Bar".
Jeff caught up with DeVone Claybrooks, former ECU, NFL & CFL player who now serves as DL coach for the Calgary Stampeders on "From The Booth".
Troy D & Ellerbe talked about Kurt Benkert being named the starting quarterback for ECU on "Live @ Five".

Pirate Radio Hot Pics

The PR Paparazzi @ Meet The Pirates
August 22, 2015
ECU Pro Day
March 26, 2015
2015 ECU Baseball Media Day
January 21, 2015
2015 ECU Football Media Day
August 8, 2015
ECU Snow Day
February 17, 2015
ECU-FLA The Birmingham Bowl
January 3, 2015
2015 ECU Spring Football Game
April 18, 2015
ECU Baseball Opening Day
February 13, 2015
ECU-UCONN Women's Basketball
December 31, 2014
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