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The Sports Bar with Clip Brock

8-31-18 Guests: Tony Dunn, Grant the Packers Fan, Tony George, Emory Hunt
8-30-18 Guests: Zach Maskavich, Julie Torbett, Jeff Nadu, Stephen Igoe
8-29-18 Guests: Brian North, Wager McGhee, Justin Behr, Jeff Cannon
8-28-18 Guests: Billy Weaver, Jake Keator, Stephen Igoe
8-27-18 Guests: Brian Bailey, Mike Mullis, Glenn Griffin
8-24-18 Guests: Tony Dunn, Bill Dinicola, Don Jaworski, Morgan Ahlers
8-23-18 Guests: Zach Maskavich, Jeff Nadu, Stephen Igoe
8-22-18 Guests: Brian North, Terrance Copper, Justin Behr, Jeff Cannon, Bo Batts, Wager McGhee, Jeff Charles
8-21-18 Guests: Billy Weaver, Jake Keator, Stephen Igoe
8-20-18 Guests: Brian Bailey, Glenn Griffin
8-17-18 Guests: Tony Dunn, Antwan Staley, Corey Gloor, Lt Chris Sutton, Chad Moore
8-16-18 Guests: Zach Maskavich, Emory Hunt, Stephen Igoe
8-15-18 Guests: Brian North, CW Sloan, Wager McGhee, Justin Behr, Jeff Cannon, Jeff Charles
8-14-18 Guests: Billy Weaver, Jake Keator, Stephen Igoe
8-13-18 Guests: Brian Bailey, Brandon Simmons, Mike Mullis
8-10-18 Guests: Tony Dunn, Greg Pierce, Jeff the Eagles Fan, CW the Bucs Fan, Josh the Panthers Fan
8-09-18 Guests: Zach Maskavich, Stephen Igoe
8-08-18 Guests: Jeff Charles, Wager McGhee, Justin Behr, Brian North
8-07-18 Guests: Jake Keator, Greg Watford, CW Sloan, Stephen Igoe
8-06-18 Guests: Brian Bailey, Keith Gaither, Deondre Farrier, Tahj Deans, Don Mahoney, Garrett McGhin, D'Ante Smith, Mike Mullis, Dave Wojtecki, Andy Tew, Nate Conner, Glenn Griffin
8-03-18 Guests: Tony Dunn, Mike Vaughn, Lance the Falcons Fan, Josh the Saints Fan, Justin the Redskins Fan
8-02-18 Guests: Stephen Igoe, Zach Maskavich
8-01-18 Guests: Jeff Charles, Malcolm Gray, Nate Conner